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For the first time, Niagara-based products, innovations and expertise that will take your business to the next level can be found in one centralized space.

Niagara Marketplace is a groundbreaking website that connects businesses looking to harness the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) with the experts who make it happen. Be sure to watch this video highlighting the functionality and value of Niagara Marketplace.

We’ve created a marketplace in which innovation comes to life, powerful connections are made and boundaries are pushed.

Start exploring this one-stop shop for the open IoT, and discover the offerings and innovations of authorized Niagara Framework® resellers and developers.

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Niagara Marketplace features:

• Solution providers worldwide who optimize the Niagara Framework as the operating system of the IoT

• Robust search functionality for finding Niagara-based IoT capabilities, solutions and products across a wide range of applications and industry verticals

• Case studies, literature, videos, testimonials and additional informative materials posted by solution providers for zeroing in on the best fit

• Reviews and ratings posted by Niagara Community members that can aid in the selection process

• Direct access to providers through contact forms on all partner and product listings

Niagara Marketplace is where you’ll find Niagara at its best.