Our open framework allows developers to extend Niagara and create their own unique products, applications, plug-ins, data views and business application logic. Join the community of Niagara developers who are creating new markets and pioneering the Internet of Things.

Develop more quickly for more markets


Accelerate development time

The Niagara Framework® handles common tasks so you don’t have to: application lifecycle management, persistence, security, trending, scheduling, alarming, visualization and engineering tools to name a few. Developers can focus on the challenges specific to their markets, and bring solutions to them faster.

Access a large install base

Not only is it easier to develop on Niagara, but a lot of people are already doing it. Collaborating with an open development community allows developers to deploy results into a base of nearly half a million instances. The Niagara community is active and helpful and provides a wealth of opportunity for innovative developers.

Vendor neutral, protocol agnostic

Niagara utilizes industry-proven software technologies for runtime environments (Java) and visualization (HTML5). Whether building a small controller or a comprehensive enterprise application, developers work in the same programming environment with the same tools. Niagara provides open APIs and an extensible component model that enables partners to develop their own applications, plug-ins and drivers independent of Tridium.

Develop the Internet of Things

Niagara is a proven technology for the Internet of Things, with an established track record of more than 15 years of integrating devices and creating valuable applications and solutions. Enterprising developers have an opportunity to reach new markets, improve customer satisfaction, bid more projects, offer new services or extend the functionality of countless new and existing systems.


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