Tridium offers compelling value to our partners. For original equipment manufacturers and reseller organizations, the Niagara Framework® solves several key challenges and opens possibilities for increased speed-to-market, wider marketplace acceptance and greater profitability.

Benefits of becoming a Tridium OEM partner

Lower your R&D costs and accelerate time-to-market

Partners who adopt the Niagara Framework eliminate substantial engineering effort and can focus on their core competencies. Our open development platform allows you to create differentiation directly applicable to your markets by building on our proven framework. Tridium products are easy to brand and customize, and companies gain a competitive advantage from lower development costs and quicker time-to-market.

Activate the Niagara Community

Developers and integrators constantly find new ways to deploy the Niagara Framework. With nearly half a million instances, the worldwide community of Niagara users is large, active and growing. This provides you with a skilled group of people who continually extend our technology and maintain a current knowledge base.

Customers prefer and specify Niagara

Thousands of contractors worldwide rely on and specify Niagara, creating a ready-made, addressable market of potential customers. As the Internet of Things grows, the number of Niagara-connected devices and emerging markets will multiply for enterprising partners. Every new application and installation is another opportunity to sell your equipment.

Get connected

Many companies know how to act on data. However, connecting devices and collecting data from their source is another thing altogether. Our open driver framework can connect any device or system, normalize the data and send it where it needs to be. Niagara makes it easy to connect and control any product—including yours.


Become a Tridium OEM or Distributor