With more than half a million instances worldwide, the Niagara Framework® is quickly becoming the operating system of the Internet of Things. Niagara is available through many partners and distribution channels, including OEMs, distributors, independent systems integrators and other technology companies.

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Tridium does not sell Niagara and related products directly to our end users. Instead, we employ an open distribution model that allows OEMs, distributors, integration companies, IoT technology partners and others to build on Niagara in order to enhance their products, services and solutions.

Our focus is on developing and extending our groundbreaking software to meet the challenges of connecting and controlling devices, industrial interoperability and operation of the Internet of Things. This requires a market force created by major players who develop on our open platform and create new approaches to its deployment.

We align with industry partners to market, install and support products based on our technologies. The delivery channels for Niagara-based products consist of global leaders in building automation, energy services, integration, IoT industries and internationally known manufacturers. Wherever you are in the world, there’s a member of the Niagara Community nearby to join you and support your efforts.


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