Niagara has the power to connect and control any system or device so that end users can manage those systems in real time from one location. Our open framework allows integrators to specify products from any vendor—using whatever tools make sense for the project at hand.

Make your job easier and work more valuable

Provide better service

With Niagara solutions, you can give your clients exactly what they need. Our open protocol support and open distribution business model mean that you’re able to work with any system or device you encounter. By using our framework, your integration efforts can dramatically reduce operational costs, enhance the capabilities of existing systems, seamlessly add newer systems and extend everything into a unified operation.

Take advantage of our community

With Niagara, there’s always a way to get the job done and people willing to help you do it. The Niagara Community is global, active and growing. We support a network of 2,500 systems integrator partners—providing training and technical support, as well as sales support, for strategic projects. Join more than 8,600 certified Niagara professionals working to create innovative solutions worldwide.

Open larger markets

From leading corporations to the latest startups, Niagara is creating value and helping to operate the Internet of Things. Developers, integrators, consultants, manufacturers and resellers have built an array of products, services and countless applications to monitor and control nearly every facet of industry. The opportunities for growth are strong and growing exponentially and offer significant rewards.

Save time on jobs

By making Niagara a part of your base operations, you can quickly bring everything together into one system. Using whatever equipment best matches your installation, your solutions can deliver data, help identify problems and give your customers the ability to optimize their systems. You’ll get the job done faster and they’ll get the results they need.

Find an OEM and get started

Tridium OEMs and distributors

The Niagara Community includes more than 8,600 certified Niagara professionals, 200 developer organizations, 2,500 systems integrators, nearly 400 OEMs and resellers of Niagara, and more than 200 unique branded offerings built on Niagara. Find an OEM or distributor near you to get started.


Increase your market value

Niagara systems integrators are able to offer their customers more solutions more quickly. Certified Niagara professionals also command higher-than-average salaries. Integrating with Niagara saves time and money for you and your clients.


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