The Niagara Framework® connects, normalizes and controls data throughout your manufacturing enterprise — making it possible to make better decisions. From energy usage to increased production, our industrial solutions are crafted to meet each enterprise’s particular goals.

Tridium now offers manufacturers an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology solution developed in collaboration with Dell and Intel Corporation. This, Tridium’s first, Niagara-based digital transformation solution for plant floor applications is designed to deliver industry standard KPIs and analytical insights, with no additional programming required. Read our press release.

With the release of Tridium's first industrial driver OPC UA, Niagara can be used throughout a manufacturing enterprise, including the plant floor, to integrate data from any SCADA system or programmable logic controller (PLC) that supports OPC UA. Niagara Analytics then can be used in industrial applications for monitoring and optimizing overall operational cost. OPC UA is compatible with Niagara 4.3.

Make the most of your manufacturing systems

An exceptional manufacturing process is one of your biggest competitive advantages.

With Niagara, your unique way of doing business can become even more powerful. Niagara connects disparate business, operations and manufacturing systems so you can access the right information at the right time to optimize current conditions and production output.

Use Niagara to expand and maximize your manufacturing practices — enhance Andon systems, line synchronization, track and trace capabilities, continuous commissioning and preventive maintenance. Collect data in real time from multiple systems and diverse equipment, improve your energy management and easily monitor key performance indicators.

With Tridium’s industrial solutions, manufacturers can protect prior investments in legacy systems, combine them with state-of-the-art technology, establish one command and control center and gain access to critical data from multiple sources for real-time decision support.

Dell Edge Gateway 3002 Specifications