Most notable about Niagara 4.3 are the significant innovations built on the platform, including Backup as a Service (BaaS), our first Niagara Cloud offering. BaaS will be available soon throughout most of the world, and will be introduced in China later this year.

BaaS makes it easy for you to back up your data—at no additional cost. Niagara 4.3 users with an up-to-date Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) get immediate access to BaaS, for seamless, secure and scalable backups of Niagara to the cloud–24/7/365.

You will be able to access device backups via BaaS using our exciting new asset manager tool, now live on the Niagara Community website. Beyond accessing device backups, the asset manager tool helps you get control of your Niagara licenses and recoup valuable time by simplifying license management.

Click to view this short video from Tridium University demonstrating how easy it is to get started with BaaS.

Have a fail-safe environment for your data

Providing continuity of operations and disaster recovery is critical in every industry. Cyberattacks and system failures resulting in data losses will occur. When they do, recovering from losses can be costly and time-consuming. Keeping your SMA current allows instant access to BaaS. With BaaS, you can easily configure your JACE® controllers to do automated secure backups to the cloud in an IT-friendly way, with a simple approach that reduces the amount of effort for backup management and storage. It does not require a Supervisor, and it means minimal—if any—downtime, data loss and labor costs associated with restoring Niagara stations.

Access device backups and control licenses

The Niagara Community website features a powerful asset manager tool that lets you access device backups via BaaS and track your Niagara software maintenance expirations from one online location. By providing a centralized,
brand-agnostic view of all Niagara license information—complete with automatic push notifications of maintenance expirations and renewals—our asset manager tool helps you stay on top of licensing for all of your projects.

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