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Niagara connects diverse devices throughout the world. With Niagara’s data center solutions, you can extend that control into the white space with a single set of tools that provide visibility and control over your environment.

Flexible and fully customizable, Niagara solutions bring you true data center management that lets you see and control your environmentals, energy consumption and cooling instantaneously—taking you from insight to efficiency.

    Case study:
    Geist's DCIM solution

    Learn how Geist has built upon Niagara to develop real-time monitoring and alerting solutions for operational awareness in data centers

Niagara’s proven implementation plan starts with a thorough site evaluation to uncover all critical data center requirements and ends with a detailed checklist of tested functionality. Our data center solutions enable:

  • Detailed insight into your operations
  • Site-level to enterprise-wide data to help drive operational excellence and improve uptime and reliability
  • Advanced visualization and analytics with specific and customizable reports
  • Tools that help predict and analyze trends and identify opportunities to improve efficiency and increase ROI
  • Visibility into issues before they reach a critical level, allowing users to mitigate risk and avoid the high cost associated with downtime
  • Interactive, highly visual interface so users can easily make informed decisions and proactively manage moves, adds and changes