Jan 01, 0001

Proven technology from a reliable partner


A collection of foundational technologies

Niagara is a proven technology that provides an integration framework for systems and devices across markets and around the world. Working with collaborators such as Oracle, QNX Software Systems and other technology leaders, Tridium is at the center of dynamic alliances that are pioneering the Internet of Things.

Collaborative partnerships

As the IoT market continues to expand, Tridium is actively engaged in creating new collaborations with important organizations in a range of industries. Forward-thinking companies looking for a reliable partner with demonstrated success in embeddable technology are finding that Tridium’s solutions offer unique and nearly limitless opportunities.

Global and diverse markets

The reach of the Niagara Framework is global—and growing daily. In nearly half a million instances worldwide, from buildings and data centers to manufacturing systems and smart cities, Niagara’s truly open environment harnesses the power of the Internet of Things in ways never before imagined or possible.

Developing the Internet of Things

Niagara has a well-established track record of integrating devices and creating valuable applications and solutions. Enterprising developers have an opportunity to reach new markets, improve customer satisfaction, bid more projects, offer new services or extend the functionality of countless new and existing systems.