Tridium is committed to supporting the Niagara developer community, including assisting new developers in becoming acquainted with the Niagara Framework®. We encourage developers to visit Developer Central to find tutorials, discussions, links, documentation and other helpful information about building on Niagara.

Frequently Asked Questions
about developing on Niagara

Below are common questions and answers about developing on our open framework. If you need further assistance, please fill out our general support form below and we will get back to you right away.

What’s available on the Niagara Community website?

The Niagara Community website provides access to the latest builds of the Niagara Framework, including software downloads and technical documentation. And, it’s an online tool for our partners to manage their Niagara accounts, products, feature sets, licensing model and actual licenses. To obtain a user ID and password, please contact your OEM.

How can I evaluate if I want to become a Niagara developer?

Go to the Developer Central link at the top of this page. On Developer Central you will find a quick reference of code examples, tutorials, a link to retrieve the Eclipse IDE plug-in, a link to sign up for the developer course and a link to send an email to Professional Services for additional information and guidance.

What are the advantages of being Niagara certified?

With the flexibility and extensibility of the Niagara Framework, developers have the freedom to work with any vendor and build on existing systems. In addition, our technology enables developers to expand Niagara’s capabilities and add to an already extensive driver library.

By attending the Niagara certified developer course, you will get the foundation needed to take full advantage of the Niagara Framework®. Whether you are doing applications, appliances, drivers or other development projects, the Niagara Framework already provides 60–70% of the required functionality. You simply need to build on Niagara to bring your products or other vendor products into that normalized model — and make your IoT ideas available to the entire Niagara community. You will learn Niagara programming best practices and will be able to make your offerings robust and valuable additions to the Niagara-based IoT solutions set.

How do I get access to the Niagara Community website?

Please contact your OEM to obtain access to the Niagara Community website. If you are not currently working with an Original Equipment Manufacturer, you can find a list of OEMs and contact information here.

How do I get trained?

You can enroll using our Tridium University website. Tridium University offers a wide variety of in-classroom, virtual and e-learning courses across the world. Our award-winning instructors and certified training partners stand ready to help the global Niagara Community innovate with Niagara solutions.

Are you interested in learning about the Developer Program at Tridium?

The Developer Program at Tridium will grant your company rights to use the Niagara licensing server, access to developer support and parts, early access to Niagara releases and more. Please fill out the form on the link provided here and send to

I want to develop a driver for a product. How do I get started?

Please visit our Professional Services page for more information.

How do I get a listing on Niagara Marketplace?

Visit Tridium's website to get started. Create a partner listing to let potential customers know about your capabilities and unique advantage. Then, create product listings to showcase your Niagara-based IoT solutions and products that will take their business to the next level.

Where can I find the newest release information and other updates?

To receive regular updates, sign up for email notifications through the Develop on Niagara link on this page below, or go to our Resources Library for available documents.

In what ways can Niagara be extended?

You can customize Niagara with additional drivers, other components and custom engineering tools. Tridium offers our development partners a standard and stable set of APIs for all aspects of the framework. These APIs make the framework extensible in virtually all functional aspects so you can make your IoT ideas and solutions an integral part of Niagara simply by creating a new module and dropping it in the Niagara modules folder. Java developers can replace or add to core features of the framework, and drivers and extra applications can be easily created using our Driver Framework. New types of user interface and whole new applications can be created based on Niagara.

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