The Niagara Framework® and JACE® controllers offer our channel partners the ability to customize their products, reduce research and development costs, gain a faster time-to-market and focus on their core competencies. Thousands of contractors worldwide rely on and specify Niagara.

Frequently Asked Questions
about selling Tridium products

Below are common questions and answers about reselling the Niagara Framework and JACE controllers. If you need further assistance, please fill out our support form below and we will get back to you right away.

What is the “Niagara Community”?

Tridium's pioneering innovations have created a large and active community of innovative developers, integrators, consultants, manufacturers, resellers and end users who understand that Niagara is an essential part of the Internet of Things.

How do I become a Tridium partner?

To become a Tridium partner, please contact our Sales Support team, and we will contact you to discuss opportunities. Tridium partners include developers of software applications; manufacturers of smart devices, control products or systems; companies seeking to migrate legacy devices to the Web; major manufacturers; and Internet of Things technology companies. Because the Niagara Framework is truly open, the possibilities for partnership with Tridium are limitless.

Can I place an order online?

Yes. When you sign up for the Web Channel online ordering system, you’ll gain 24/7 access to orders, invoices and order status. This system also enables you to quickly submit orders for hardware and software.

How do I check status on my order?

If you haven’t already, please sign up for the Web Channel online ordering system. This gives you 24/7 access to review your order status and invoices, and also enables you to quickly submit orders without having to submit a purchase order. You can also submit an inquiry via

My license is soon to expire; what do I do?

Contact your OEM or Account Manager to determine the status of your license and ways to renew.

Can I get a list of Tridium’s part numbers and price list to ensure consistency with my own?

Contact your Account Manager for a part number and price list associated with your company.

How do I do a return?

We offer a warranty on all Tridium products. See your Account Manager for more details.

Under software downloads in Niagara Central I don’t see the Niagara build. How do I gain access to other software downloads for the Niagara AX versions?

You must be authorized by your OEM, distributor or reseller to access additional Niagara versions.

Where do I find a schedule of Tridium on-site training for Niagara AX certification?

Tridium University offers a variety of courses for systems integrators and developers. Course schedules and content are available on the Tridium University site.