Apr 15


Developer Showcase


Pacific Ballroom C-D

Apr 15 - Apr 15, 2024 / 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Grégory Hairapetian will show how to monitor a fleet of Niagara stations with Niagara 4.13 features and Datadog to improve the maintenance team reactivity.

Michael Rader will show an example on how tags can be used for implementing a smart custom naming system: 

In large systems, end customers or consultants typically specify a “naming scheme” to which all datapoints must adhere. Naming points manually according to such a scheme is a time consuming and error prone undertaking. It hinders solution reuse and is not robust against changes to the naming pattern. The demonstrated solution uses a custom tagging implementation to entirely automate the naming process, making it quickly adaptable to changes, and fostering reuse of application parts. As a developer you will learn how to extend the tagging system with your own tags, how to automatically apply tags to specific entities, how to implement “information inheritance” using tags, and how to integrate your naming system with the Niagara NEQL search engine. Also, some advanced techniques like using tags to “spy” on other components in the Niagara system are demonstrated.