People inside the Niagara Community have fantastic stories. Stories about how they discovered Tridium and Niagara Framework. Stories about their market experiences. Stories about what they are working on right now.
We took the opportunity of Niagara Summit 2022 to launch the 'Powered by Niagara Podcast' to capture some of these stories and share them with you. Special thanks to Eric Larsen, director of Client Services, Intelligent Buildings LLC, and Therese Sullivan, of Tridium, for co-hosting these NS2022 sessions. We had the advantages of a video crew and studio for this first set of episodes. 
Our intention is to keep building this channel with video/audio and audio-only webcast/podcast recordings.  Check back on this page for new installments.  Also, if you have a story to share, email us about it using the link below.

Roger Woodward


How did the Niagara Community get so big and so energized?  Learn from expert Roger Woodward, Business Change/Strategy Consultant, about how to build a business internationally, such that everyone comes out a winner.  Eric Larsen, Director, Client Services, Intelligent Buildings, LLC, interviews Roger about this and about his client, iSMA CONTROLLI.

Rob Murchison

Intelligent Buildings LLC

Open, Converged, Normalized -3 descriptors of an Intelligent Building Data Strategy. What's the point? To improve asset performance, manage the risk of new technology, optimize the occupant experience. Intelligent Buildings LLC's Co-founder Rob Murchison and Eric Larsen, Director, Client Services discuss the shared vision that guides its partnership with Tridium. 

Rick Warner

MC Dean: Building Intelligence

Richard Warner, Sr. Energy Systems Engineer at M.C. Dean, has specialized in the optimization of mission-critical facilities like data centers, labs and hospitals. In conversation with Therese Sullivan of Tridium, he explains how Niagara Framework has helped him succeed at the job of automating HVAC control in these high-stakes settings. 

Richard McElhinney

Conserve IT and Project Haystack

Richard McElhinney is both vice president of Technology at Conserve It and board director of Project Haystack. In this conversation with Therese Sullivan, he talks about the give and take of being part of a strong developer community like Niagara's and of an open-source community like Haystack. Innovating in collaboration with like-minded people around the world is powerful!

Melissa Boutwell

Automation Strategy & Performance

The buildings industry is struggling to find the talent to run data-driven buildings. The kernel of a much bigger movement can be found in the Niagara Community - but we have to reach trade schools, community colleges, even university programs with our insider know-how.  Melissa Boutwell of ASP has been instrumental in getting Niagara-infused curriculum into schools. 

Ali Dioury


Ali Dioury, Managing Director, Global Accounts at Intel Corporation outlines Intel's IoT strategy in Connected Buildings and Connected Industrial plant markets. Intel sees more analytics at the edge and the transformation of data from disparate energy systems into actionable insight. We also talk about how Niagara Partner Tyrrell Building Technologies is porting Niagara Framework to an Intel-core edge controller.

Martin McGloin


Martin McGloin of Airthings explains his company's lofty mission to empower the whole world to breathe better through air-quality monitoring. Coming to NS2022 from Norway, McGloin gives us a glimpse of some of the ways Smart Building technology has evolved differently there. He announces the upcoming availability of an Airthings Niagara Driver, developed with the help of Tridium Professional Services and soon to be launched on Niagara Marketplace.

Marc Petock


From his years leading marketing at Tridium to his current role as CMO of Lynxspring, Marc Petock has had his eyes on the transformational power of building data. No one is better at getting at the core business reasons for deploying Niagara. Listen to this conversation to learn what is on Marc's mind today. Hints: taking Niagara from 'edge to enterprise' and via a 'horizontal IP-based stack.'

Fred Gordy

Intelligent Buildings

Fred Gordy, cyber defense expert from Intelligent Buildings explains here that operational risk is what insurance companies attempt to assess for enterprises. The potential loss of data in the event of a hack is a risk. The potential loss of business and other property and casualty issues is another level of risk. What is a cyber-security culture, and how do you get there?  Fred does not sugar-coat  -  but, he may paintball-coat...

Ged Tyrrell

Tyrrell Products

Tyrrell Building Systems of Manchester, UK, has been a leading 'Niagara Portability' partner, which means it has been busy building new 'whole products' around Niagara Framework - many of these edge devices. In this conversation, Ged Tyrrell talks about his work with Intel and Google, and the first portability project Tyrrell Products delivered. This connected fire alarm systems with the BMS as part of a large Mid East government contract.

Brian Turner

Buildings IOT

When you have a committed owner and the right data strategy and platform, you can "normalize to the new normal" - that is, deliver the energy saving or other outcome set by the use case, and then reset toward a new goal. An empowered MSI stays focused on integration, data modeling, and providing needed context around the use case.  Brian Turner has one of the strongest track records for success in the Niagara Community at the MSI role and also at helping other MSIs through software his team at Buildings IOT has developed.

Alex Grace

Clockwork Analytics

The sophisticated category of analytics known as FDD, or Fault Detection & Diagnostics, is gaining traction beyond academic and government campuses. SaaS-solutions are widening the appeal of FDD by delivering results that point to root issues. Listen to this conversation with Clockwork Analytics' Alex Grace to understand why system integrators in the Niagara Community are excited about FDD as a differentiated service to offer their customers. Also learn about how SaaS model supports the continuous improvement of ML algorithms.

Alper √úzmezler

BAS Services & Graphics

Tagging is the key enabler to analytics and machine learning and AI.  You need to start with clean, tagged data or no scalable automation happens, explains Alper √úzmezler. A believer in and big contributor to open source development movements, Alper has experience working with the Project Haystack organization and other initiatives. He has also leveraged TensorFlow libraries open-sourced by the Google Brain Team, to develop image-to-text modules for meter data acquisition. Hear more about his innovations in this interview. 


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