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The Open Alternative

Tridium is the developer of Niagara Framework® — a comprehensive software platform for the development and deployment of connected products and device-to-enterprise applications. Niagara provides the critical device connectivity, cyber security, control, data management, device management and user presentation capabilities needed to extract value and insight from real-time operational data. Tridium has built Niagara Framework on open-protocol standards, and it has brought it to market with an open distribution model. This open approach is core to Tridium's success. Today, there are over one million instances of Niagara at work in hundreds of thousands of projects worldwide. And, the large Niagara Community of customers and development partners is continuously at work improving our platform and expanding its scope. Our solutions allow diverse monitoring, control and automation systems to communicate and collaborate in buildings, data centers, manufacturing systems, smart cities and more. We create smarter, safer and more efficient enterprises and communities by enabling data-driven approaches to improving energy performance, indoor air quality and comfort.

Niagara connects and translates data from nearly any device or system. Watch the video to learn more.

This TridiumTalk provides an end-to-end deep dive on how to use the new HTTP Client Driver. Watch now! Visit the event page for more information. 

Watch now for a look at the Niagara 4.11 feature - BACnet Secure Connect. Visit the event page for more information. 

Niagara 4.13 is now available for testing. View all the features and functionalities. Contact tridiumbetatest@tridium.com to get started!

Hackers get stop signs instead of welcome mats. Learn more about our cyber defense solutions.

See all the features added since Niagara 4.0. 

Thank you for a successful Niagara Summit! Continue learning about the event and watch the Niagara Podcasts series! 

Visit our documents library for data sheets, brochures, case studies, white papers, and more! 

Watch this TridiumTalk to learn more about the enhancements to the Certificate Management tools found in Niagara.

Join the Niagara Community

Niagara Community is free to join - be a part of what makes Niagara great!

The Niagara Community provides a forum to better understand how to manage your Niagara network and is  the source for support, resources and ideas for projects built on the Niagara Framework®.
Niagara Community resources include the latest product information, release notes, technical articles and discussion boards where users can find answers as well as post questions to the broader community of professionals.