Apr 05


Data Infrastructure Decisions: Tagging & Twinning


Charlotte Convention Center - Room E217

Apr 05 - Apr 05, 2022 / 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

New announcements about digital twin services keep coming, and 'ontology' is not just a 'nerd word' anymore. Yet, talk about both seems to be running far ahead of the reality. This session is going to put the twinning and tagging topics together in a discussion about data infrastructure decision-making. How data models are built depends upon the underlying tagging structure. And how easily building data slips into a specific cloud and combines with analytics programming depends upon the data model. Once you get the data model and tagging system set up and everything labeled, you may never want to change it. Niagara Community members serve as trusted advisers to building owners on questions of data infrastructure, and we often do the work of tagging. We are the crowd that is 'crowd sourcing' this work. We all need to understand the future ROI and the value sources present in the structured building data we create. These streams include the direct value building owners get from energy saving, predictive maintenance, grid connectivity, etc. Next, pre-structured data is of high value to other application developers (3rd-parties) and to data aggregators (4th parties) who envision creating marketplaces of data for training AI algorithms. Come to this session to gain an understanding of the whole value chain from data infrastructure experts from US Department of Energy, public cloud providers, analytics vendors, and commissioning/integration service providers.