Apr 06


How to Successfully Integrate Access Security with BMS


Charlotte Convention Center - Room E217

Apr 06 - Apr 06, 2022 / 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

No in-building technology is evolving as fast as the video analytics software running the cameras and recording servers used by physical security teams. Among the many benefits of integrating access control and physical security systems within your Niagara-based BMS is the ability to better tune the delivery of building services – heating, cooling, lighting – based on traffic patterns and occupancy. Insights from video can help you optimize energy use and space planning. During this session, we will overview the state-of-the-art in Access Security-BMS integration in the context of different building types – offices, schools, hospitals. We’ll consider real-world deployments and explore how video data can enrich BIM models and step you toward a digital twin strategy.