Apr 06


AI – What it Takes to Feed and Train an Algorithm


Charlotte Convention Center - Room E219AB

Apr 06 - Apr 06, 2022 / 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Powerful AI algorithms for building systems combined with cloud computing are expected to be the future of systems integration. The scenario described by some is that once a building is connected to an AI provider’s cloud system, the AI will auto-tag points in the ontology requested by the user; create a data lake for those points; and learn the control sequences of automation assets and understand their connection topology as a whole system. Based on this, the AI will automatically understand how the system functions and predict and tune its performance on an ongoing basis. How close are we today to that AI future? In this session, speakers will present their definition of AI and explain how algorithms self-learn. Each panelist is bringing a real AI case study and is ready to discuss results in settings from a warehouse, a manufacturing floor to a Class A office building.