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2020 TridiumTalks
NEW! Niagara 4.9 Module Signing

Learn about module signing requirements in 4.9, how to sign modules and the benefits of code signing. Code signing is the process of applying a digital signature to a piece of code so that it can be later verified to ensure that it has not been modified after it was signed. This can help establish that the code came from a trusted source and reduce the risk of installing malicious code.

In Niagara, all stock modules are signed and verified at runtime. In Niagara 4.8 and later, there is added support for the signing and verification of third party modules. By using module signing with Niagara you can ensure enhanced security and the integrity of your system.

Product manager Michael Smith and Software Engineer Patrick Sager discuss code signing practices and benefits, module signing requirements in 4.9 and beyond, and will demonstrate how to properly sign modules. Through this demonstration, participants take away a deeper understanding of code signing, signing requirements, installing signed modules, signing modules in Workbench, and signing modules in the Niagara development environment.

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Add Value to Your Service Agreements with Enterprise SMA and Niagara Asset Manager

In this TridiumTalk, learn how to leverage Niagara Asset Manager to register and update all your customers’ Niagara licenses, regardless of brand. From this cloud-hosted app, license administrators can verify the software version and cyber update status of each Niagara instance across a portfolio. Monica Calhoun and Scott Boehm demonstrate how to work with a building owner on the creation of their Asset Manager account, designate your company as an Affiliate with Enterprise access, register the building owner’s Niagara licenses on their behalf, and review and edit asset details. An overview will also be provided on the Enterprise SMA process.

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Securely Navigate Niagara Stations with Single Sign On

Securely navigate Niagara Stations using Single Sign-On (SSO) with Niagara as the identity provider (IdP), instead of manually configuring and managing an external IdP. SSO allows users to login into one station and access all other connected stations via a browser without having to re-authenticate. Niagara 4.4 introduced SSO with your IdP and now Niagara 4.9 features native IdP capability. During this TridiumTalk, Product Manager Stephen Holicky and Advanced Software Engineer Melanie Coggan review how to save valuable time and resources across your organization, while ensuring the robustness of your stations’ security postures by using SSO with Niagara as the IdP.

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Demo Video

HTML5 Video Streaming with Niagara 4.9

Bring video surveillance data into your Niagara workflow. This TridiumTalk provides a demonstration on viewing video streams associated with alarms directly from the Niagara alarm console and adding video links to your system graphics to enhance building intelligence. Learn how to incorporate data from the video systems, access control systems and audio systems associated with your buildings’ physical security infrastructure to glean more insight and enhance your building performance analytics efforts.

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Introduction to Niagara 4.9

Niagara Framework 4.9 incorporates important new features and functionality to support Niagara users in cyber security, visualization, rapid deployment, edge control, connectivity, certification, and IT compliance. In this TridiumTalk, Brent Lowe provides an overview of what's new in Niagara 4.9 and the available resources to get started upgrading today.

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Building Automation Systems - Cybersecurity Best Practices & Lessons Learned

This TridiumTalk focuses on understanding the threats & implementing best practices for building automation systems, focused on utilizing the Niagara Framework® for connecting, managing, and controlling your building assets. Tridium CTO & Honeywell Cybersecurity Fellow Kevin T. Smith presents and provides an understanding of the current threat landscape, guidance and best practices, roles & responsibilities needed, and will gain insight into protecting your buildings.


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Meeting Government Requirements - With the Niagara Framework

This TridiumTalk explores using the Niagara Framework to meet various government cybersecurity requirements. Jay Kurowsky, President and CEO Aleta Technologies, provides an overview of how to approach current government spec requirements and this TridiumTalk will help you understand potential cost and schedule implications of these requirements.

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What Analytics Can Do For You

See how algorithms combine to create Comfort Analytics, stuck valves, and even automatically find and include new solar panels added to banks without changing the wiresheets. Sales engineer Kevin Mamajek looks at the wiresheets underlying a few examples, explaining how logic blocks are assembled, how data is tagged, how data flow is defined to create the analytics bindings.

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Download Example Station (User: admin, Password: Niagara123, Passphrase: Niagara123)
Note: Example station 05142020 had a config issue with 4.8. This new station resolves the issue so it will load appropriately.
Niagara AX End of Life

During this TridiumTalk, Sr. Product Manager, Laura Kevitt, and Sales Leader, Rob Cherian, discuss what EOL means for those still using a Niagara AX system and offer a better understanding of what to expect after the July 1, 2021 AX deprecation date so you can be prepared and develop a plan in advance.

Niagara AX EOL Presentation
Q & A Document
Details on Trade Up Initiatives

Leveraging provisioning in an enterprise Niagara system

James Johnson walks through how to perform tasks such as disaster recovery backups, managing station and platform users, managing TLS certificates, updating security settings, configuring NTP, deploying templates and more.

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Download Niagara 4.8 Example Bog File (password: tridium) Copy the partial bog file into your own station to view the Provisioning Jobs in the same way that was shown in the webinar.

Enhanced Graphics with Tag Based Visualization

Product Manager Stephen Holicky and Advanced Software Engineer Eric Anderson will provide an overview on how to create new, and edit existing, Niagara graphics to incorporate tag based PX bindings. While reviewing several examples, the team will discuss how to automatically convert existing Niagara graphics to utilize tags, the required syntax when manually creating tag-based graphics and other time-saving recommendations that will quickly help you get the job done right.

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Introducing Niagara Community 2.0

Vernon Waller provides an overview of the new Niagara Community site. Niagara Community 2.0 is packed with new and improved features designed to help Niagara users collaborate more easily. The innovative and user-friendly resource offers improved access to Niagara Customer Support, along with the many tools and resources available exclusively to Niagara users. Members can use the site to find answers, learn more and solve challenges.

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2019 TridiumTalks
Introducing the New Tridium University

Jon Jarvis introduces the new Tridium University site. The new site is designed to help Niagara users find training more easily. The innovative and user-friendly resource offers improved access to training, along with the many FREE elearnings available to Niagara users. Members can use the site search for classes, learn more and find solutions to their building automation challenges.

Niagara Asset Manager and Enterprise SMA Initiative

Sandra Natella, Tridium Project Mgr, demonstrates the updated Niagara Asset Manager in this recorded TridiumTalk. She shows how customers can achieve a single renewal date for all enrolled assets, a single invoice for all license contracts, and most importantly, easier enforcement that all Niagara instances are up-to-date with the latest Niagara Framework® cyber-security and feature/function enhancements.

How Tagging Enables Analytics

Sales engineer Kevin Mamajek looks at the wiresheets underlying a few examples, explaining how logic blocks are assembled, how data is tagged, how data flow is defined to create the analytics bindings. Through these examples, participants take away a good understanding of how they can translate their own insight about building and equipment performance into analytics tools.

Responsive Web Px Pages

Sales engineer Kevin Mamajek and product engineer Logan Byam demo the new Hx/Px views including flow pane, responsive pane, split pane, and even an Edge Pane tip for use in a 4.6 station. A Q&A session follows. Come away with an understanding of how to upgrade your existing graphics to adapt better to different devices.

Q&A Session
Download ResponisveExample Station (User: tridium, Password: Niagara123)

Edge Tools - Application Templates & Provisioning

Learn how to use application templates to create reusable and configurable unitary applications for Niagara-based Edge devices. Additionally, Brent Lowe will build on the application template concept to show how you can configure, maintain and distribute applications to multiple Edge devices using new Niagara provisioning tools. A Q&A session follows.

Q&A Session

Templating 101

Learn how create, deploy, and update a template from sales engineer Kevin Mamajek. There will be examples of creating a device template, updating a device template, and updating it with sub-templates. A Q&A session follows.

Q&A Session

Niagara Community Resource Center

Learn how to utilize the Niagara Community Resource Center from our documentation experts Mike McGinnis and Claire Newman. During this TridiumTalk, you'll hear about how the Niagara Community Resource Center provides the ability to find answers and not just documents. There are examples on using the advanced search features, feedback forms, and the ability to create and publish your own personalized collection of topics. Jon Jarvis also reviews the Tridium University Website. A Q&A session follows.

Niagara Community Resource Center Getting Started Video (log in required)
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Tridium University Frequently Asked Questions
Link to the Niagara Community Resource Center (log in required)

2018 TridiumTalks
Niagara 4.6 System Database Feature

Learn from Rick Weisensale and software engineer Scott Hoye how Entity data in remote stations will be available at the Supervisor upon executing a System Index. System level hierarchies and search can also utilize this remote Entity data. Finally, learn about the enhancements to Niagara Virtual components, including new virtual schedule HTML5 views. This new view could eliminate the need for master schedules in the Supervisor. A Q&A session follows.

System Database Hierarchy Design Details
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Deploy multiple templates in a single command

Learn from Rick Weisensale and software engineer Tim Urenda how to get started with deploying multiple templates. In addition, Brent Lowe introduces the new Edge 10 platform, and the associated Niagara 4.7 provisioning tools. A Q&A session follows.

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Create mobile-friendly Px graphics with Niagara 4.6

Sales engineer Kevin Mamajek and product engineer Logan Byam overview how the new features of Niagara 4.6 can help you create mobile-friendly Px graphics that change size and layout responsively on all screen sizes. Kevin and Logan demo new Hx/Px views including hybrid scroll pane, flow pane and use of the program object to deploy on a 4.6 station. A Q&A session follows. Come away with an understanding of how to upgrade your existing graphics to adapt better to different devices.

Download ResponisveExample Station (User: tridium, Password: Niagara123)
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Niagara 4 e-signature application

Tridium sales engineer Kyle Sardinia overviews how to get started with the Niagara 4 e-signature application. Kyle offers a look at the new product and details the Niagara station prerequisites. A live Q&A follows. Come away with an understanding of how to use the application to mitigate risk of failed regulatory audits. Kyle can be reached at

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2017 TridiumTalks
Introducing the first Niagara Cloud offering

Senior product manager Kapil Sharma unveils Backup as a Service, the first Niagara Cloud offering in a growing suite of services. Kapil offers a first-hand look at how to use Backup as a Service to protect the enterprise from losing valuable Niagara station and configuration data. He demonstrates how to use the asset manager tool on the Niagara Community website to access device backups and track Niagara software maintenance expirations. A live Q&A follows. Come away with an understanding of how Tridium's latest advancement can help leverage the Internet of Things in new and powerful ways. Kapil can be reached at

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Introducing the new JACE 8000 IO R modules

Tridium's senior product manager Mike Westerfield overviews the capabilities and features of the new JACE 8000 IO R modules during this 30-minute TridiumTalk and 10-minute Q&A. Mike covers what's new and different, and demonstrates how the updated NDIO to NRIO conversion tool makes for easy migration of an existing system.

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Defending your business against cyber threats

Tridium chief architect Kevin T. Smith, author of the white paper Cybersecurity and the IoT — Threats, Best Practices and Lessons Learned, leads this TridiumTalk. Kevin overviews how to develop a strategy to defend against cyber threats, and details the organizational best practices to mitigate risk. Recognized industry expert James Johnson moderates and takes questions. Kevin and James cover the white paper material and provide additional insight during this hour-long TridiumTalk.

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2016 TridiumTalks
An early adopter's experience with Niagara Analytics 2.0

Tridium welcomed Curtis Hilger of Enovity, a California-based energy services company, to share his experience with Niagara Analytics 2.0. Niagara Analytics has come a long way since its inception as Controlco’s DataEye product, and Curtis speaks to how Enovity has been along for the entire ride. Enovity is among the first to integrate Niagara Analytics 2.0. Curtis details how the company has developed a suite of modules on top of the platform for state government agencies and other customers.

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How to discover and mitigate the operational issues holding back your business
Overview and live demo of the Niagara 4-compatible Niagara Analytics 2.0

Recently introduced Niagara Analytics 2.0 is taking the robust analytics capabilities of Niagara 4 to a whole new level. In this TridiumTalk series, Ross Schwalm, sales engineer, will show you how you can leverage Niagara Analytics 2.0 to make your Niagara programming logic more scalable and easier to maintain. Ross will demonstrate how to use Niagara Analytics 2.0 to build algorithms that generate intelligent alarms, or to write to existing Niagara control points.

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How your Niagara migration path just got more straightforward

With the introduction of Niagara AX version 3.8u1 featuring JACE® 8000 support, our next-generation hardware platform that’s optimized for Niagara 4 now optimizes the features of Niagara AX. In this TridiumTalk series, Mike Westerfield, hardware product manager, is joined by industry veteran Scott Boehm of VYKON by Tridium to discuss how advances in the Niagara Framework® such as this one give customers a more straightforward migration path.

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Data Visualization with the Niagara Analytics Framework

In today’s information age, it’s not “Big Data” that matters – it’s what you do with it. Learn how you can turn data into actionable visualizations to optimize energy use and proactively diagnose and resolve issues. Join Tridium’s Ross Schwalm for a live demo to see firsthand how easy it is to build dashboards using the Niagara Analytics Framework.

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Intelligent Alarming with the Niagara Analytics Framework

From commercial buildings to data centers and manufacturing facilities, businesses are capturing and analyzing real-time data to build intelligent alarms – with significant results. Join Tridium’s Ross Schwalm to learn how you can turn data into actionable information for optimizing energy use and proactively diagnosing and resolving issues. You’ll also view a live demo to see firsthand how easy it is to enable and maintain intelligent alarms using the Niagara Analytics Framework.

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2015 TridiumTalks
JACE 8000: An in-depth look

Tridium’s powerful new hardware platform is a dramatic revolution in connecting and controlling devices worldwide. See for yourself during this revealing TridiumTalk that covers everything from JACE 8000’s high performance core and WiFi configuration to its simplified licensing and distribution model. You’ll also see the impressive results from case studies completed during Beta.

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Niagara 4: The Next Generation Open Platform

With Niagara 4, Tridium is building on the legacy of the Niagara Framework in new and exciting ways. Get an overview of Niagara 4's features and benefits, and learn how Tridium is enhancing the industry-leading open framework for use in buildings, manufacturing facilities, data centers and more.

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Niagara 4 Compatibility and Migration

A key component of Tridium's most powerful Niagara platform ever is the new station migration tool that enables users to easily transition from existing Niagara-based systems to Niagara 4. Get a firsthand look in this important overview covering compatibility of existing platforms and migration tools and features, along with a station migration demo.

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Niagara 4 Tagging and Templating

Niagara 4 delivers many notable improvements to help businesses take full advantage of the Internet of Things. Learn how you can maximize the value of tags and relationships, and get a firsthand look with this demo showcasing Niagara 4's tagging and templating capabilities. You'll understand how to quickly integrate devices into a system and make data readily available for informed decision-making.

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Best Practices for Securing Niagara

Tridium works closely with our partners to make cyber security education and training an ongoing emphasis. In this TridiumTalk, Kevin T. Smith, Chief Security Architect at Tridium, provides an overview of best practices for securing Niagara, focusing on such areas as configuration, network security, physical security and user security. This session also covers key security features of Niagara 4, in-depth examples, and a Niagara cyber security “game plan” for your organization.

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Cyber security: Why it matters

Chief Security Architect Kevin Smith for a comprehensive overview of cyber security. Learn the threats facing systems integrators, developers and end users, what Tridium is doing to help prevent them, as well as best practices.

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Launch of Niagara Community

Tridium’s global director of customer experience Brandon Monahan gives an enlightening TridiumTalk on the launch of Niagara Community. Hear how the new website has been designed to help members find answers, learn more and solve challenges in a more innovative and user-friendly way.

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JACE 8000 Features and Niagara 4 Licensing

With nearly half a million instances worldwide, Niagara is quickly becoming the operating system of the Internet of Things. And with the launch of Niagara 4 and the anticipated release of the JACE 8000 controller, the opportunity to achieve operational excellence is even greater than before. Get an overview of Tridium’s powerful new hardware platform and a look at our new capacity-based licensing designed for simplicity and ease of use.

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2014 TridiumTalks
January: Tridium's Developer Program - What's New in 2014

Learn about the program resources and how it can help you strengthen your developer skills.

Tridium’s Developer Program may be one of its best kept secrets, but no more! Tridium’s Jason Spangler, Software Engineer and a member of Tridium Professional Services team, reviewed the Developer Program highlights. During the sessions, he will cover:

  • Tridium’s extensive selection of online tutorials
  • Code samples that will help you further your developer skills
  • Additional enhancements to the Developer Training Program
  • Developer Support Agreements – why you want this
  • How to become part of the Tridium Developer Program

Jason also reviewed the capabilities of Tridium Professional Services. TPS offers expert consultation to customers through its Developer Consulting program, creating customer Niagara based drivers and applications to get our partners to market faster. Learn more about the services that TPS offers and how you can take advantage.

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2013 TridiumTalks
November: Getting Started with Program Services

The November TridiumTalk provided an introduction to the Program Services feature in Niagara. This session focused on the Program Service’s feature that allows users to create customized components. Les Newman, a member of Tridium’s Technical Support team, led this session of TridiumTalk.

In this session, Les showed how to configure a program object in Workbench and how to use the Robot Editor. TheProgramModule was demonstrated and a module was created (containing programs) that can be used to handle versioning. Additionally, Les showed how to modify the program templates in the Program Module. Questions and answers time will concluded the session.

This session is targeted for those who may have not used the Program Services module before, but all levels are welcome to participate and encouraged to join in the TridiumTalk.

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October: Selling Niagara – Best Practices

With almost 400,000 instances installed globally, the Niagara Framework® has become a de-facto industry standard for integrating facilities on a common software platform. Getting the property owner to say yes has become easier but you still need to sell the benefits of the intelligent integrated building.

Join Tridium for this month’s TridiumTalk, as our experienced sales team reviews best practices for getting to yes when selling Niagara. Our experts will discuss the key benefits of Niagara and tie them into features of the software. After this session, you will be able to demonstrate why the Niagara Framework is the solution for most integrations.

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July: The JACE-3E controller - Perfect for small facilities and remotes sites

July's TridiumTalk reviewed our recently released JACE 300E controller. We discussed how it is ideal for smaller facilities and remote sites, as well as useful for distributing control and monitoring in larger facilities. The JACE-3E controller will also be Niagara 4-ready when the next generation of the Niagara Framework

Tridium Product Manager Mike Westerfield discussed the features enabled on this new JACE® product, as well as some of the benefits users will realize with installation and use. Highlights will included a discussion on the new features including battery-less operation, data recovery and power monitoring.

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June: Keeping Niagara Systems Secure – a two-part series

Part 1 – Niagara Security Part 1 focused on basic Niagara security concepts. Led by Tridium’s Global Training Manager, Gerard Huff, this session reviewed important basic information intended to keep a Niagara system secure. Topics covered in his session included:

  • Intro to Niagara security
  • Changing default credentials
  • Using strong passwords
  • Utilizing account lockout features
  • Password expiration and history functions
  • Disabling default Admin and Guest accounts
  • Recommendation to use SSL
  • Recommendation to use Secure Communications (VPN/RSAID)

Due to an error in recording, we are unable to present a integrated presentation/audio session.

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Presentation recording with Niagara station demo
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Part 2 – Niagara Security Part 2 focused on more advanced Niagara security concepts. Bill Smith, lead software engineer for security development, led Part 2 of this discussion. Bill has worked for Tridium as a software engineer since 2000 and is the lead developer of many of the security aspects in the recently released Niagara AX 3.7. Highlights for Part 2 include:

  • Intro to connection security
  • SSL connectivity
  • Niagara certificate management
  • VPNs and other secure connections

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April: LonNetwork – Planning and Diagnostics

In this recent TridiumTalk, Kevin Williamson, technical support manager, provided a brief review of Lonworks Networks’ integration the Tridium way. In this session he covered:

  • Learning how to use the built-in tools to diagnose
  • Solving potentially complex LON installation issues
  • Proper configuration when the station is not used to manage the Lonworks network

Tridium offered two sessions of this TridiumTalk. Click on the link below to access webinar recordings.

Listen to the Tuesday, April 2, presentation
Listen to the Thursday, April 4, presentation

March: Migration from R2 to Niagara AX

After June 30, 2013, no more new projects based on R2 will be allowed. by the end of 2015, Tridium will no longer repair, replace or provide technical support R2 products.

Attend the March TridiumTalk and learn about the transition plan from R2 to Niagara AX and how you can best prepare for the impending transition. Join Rick Weisensale, Tridium senior product manager, as he reviews the best way to transition from R2 to Niagara AX:

  • R2 End-of-Life timeline
  • Advantages of Niagara AX over R2
  • New platforms supporting both R2 and Niagara AX
  • New R2 “Like” platform tools in Niagara AX

Tridium offered two sessions of this TridiumTalk. Click on the link below to access webinar recordings.

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2012 TridiumTalks
October: Niagara 3.7 New Features

You’ve seen the press release and have heard about some of the new features of Niagara AX 3.7. Now’s your chance to hear first hand and ask questions of the product manager. The presentation will highlight these new features:

  • Scalability
  • Licensing
  • User Interface changes
  • Niagara Web Development
  • Mobile App Support
  • Security Enhancements

The new release has something for everyone – Systems Integrators, Developers, and OEMs.

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August: Niagara 3.7 and New Security Features

This TridiumTalk will review the new security features in Niagara AX 3.7 including certificate encryption. We will also review the security bulletins for Niagara AX 3.5 and 3.6.

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