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Niagara Data Service™

Maximize Value of Data with Niagara Data Service

Niagara Data Service™ is a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering within the Niagara Cloud Suite™. It builds upon the openness and extensibility of Niagara Framework® to support the systems integration and solution development services of our partners, as well as the strategies and software choices of end-users.

Niagara Data Service extends API-based access to semantically-enriched history data aggregated by the Niagara Framework. Data originates from on-premise control networks and is accessible via the Niagara Cloud Management Portal and APIs. Niagara Data Service enables Niagara users to leverage the flexibility and scalability of Microsoft Azure cloud-hosted storage, in addition to the power of tags and relations applied to data.


  • Niagara Framework Versions:
    • Niagara Long Term Support (LTS) version [4.10]
    • Current Feature Version [4.12] when released 
  • Requires active Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA)



  • Built-in API support secure extraction and import of Niagara data to preferred 3rd-party business intelligence and data modeling tools
  • One cloud storage location allowing for multiple 3rd-parties to access Niagara fully contextualized ​data. No need for gateways.
  • Predefined JSON payloads for cloud export which saves time, makes it scalable, and reduces errors. 


  • Eases Data Normalization and Integration for all Downstream applications 
    • Upload, store, analyze Niagara histories with model data
  • Flexibility & Productivity
    • View histories from On-Prem Niagara Station via Station WebChart on-demand
  • Meet Data Ownership Requirements
    • Copy of data can be stored locally and managed as archive. Up to user’s discretion
    • Tridium does not own or use the end user’s data
  • Cost Control and Simplified Billing
    • Match cost to expected usage. Tiered pricing based on quantity of data stored and quantity of queries


  • Easy data and subscription management
  • Built-in charting, shareable with customers
  • Management Portal for all future Niagara Cloud Suite services
  • Web-based tool for organization of subscribed systems
  • Management by customer, by user and by role 
  • Built-in query and dashboarding tools enable quick data analysis and visualization 

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Niagara Data Service™ Training

Get started with the Niagara Data Service course on Tridium University! This free self-paced eLearning will show you how to set up your workbench to start exporting data to the Niagara Cloud and how to view charts and graphs in the Niagara Cloud.

Niagara Cloud Suite™

Niagara Cloud Suite™ is a scalable cloud-based solution that provides secure, remote building management services that leverages the Niagara Framework®

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