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Niagara Analytics
Niagara Analytics

Niagara Analytics

Get More Insight From Your Analytics Data

As your devices and systems communicate with each other, they generate data. Niagara Analytics gives that data power by simplifying the implementation of advanced analytic algorithms. Niagara Analytics gives you the real-time business intelligence you need to make smarter, swifter decisions and improve operations with less time, less work, less waste and less expense. You can run analyses, generate reports and create algorithms that refine your controls programming in a workflow customized to your needs and site. Niagara Analytics can be performed on real-time data from an embedded controller or on historical information that you’ve already saved. As soon as the Niagara Analytics package is installed, you can simply drop in an algorithm from a library and update the algorithm's data source tags to get started. 

Advantages of Niagara's Built-in Analytics

You can design and deploy algorithms with Niagara Analytics that proactively identify problems and provide more contextual information. Because the analytics rules can be configured to run based on your needs, corrective actions often can be implemented automatically without requiring the intervention of skilled personnel. You can mitigate issues at both the local and enterprise levels.

Niagara Analytics can be run on a JACE® 8000 controller as well as on the Niagara Edge® 10 and other ‘Powered by Niagara’ edge platforms. This is often ideal for running fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) algorithms on equipment and subsystems, when you want to put the analytics step as close to the edge as possible without the resultant latency challenges and high data bandwidth costs associated with exporting data to an external database.

Because our technology is open, it’s effectively agnostic. You can run Niagara Analytics for a variety of applications and industries, including energy, manufacturing, data centers and more.

Our advanced analytics require no special programming skills, and our open API supports third-party apps. And, as always, your business is backed by a global community of certified Niagara developers and system integrators available for support before, during and after implementation.

Key Features

Pre-Existing Analytics Data Model
  •  Design time reduction by leveraging the Niagara 4 entity model
Defined Base Algorthims Library
  • Variety of predefined algorithms provided
  • Building blocks for custom algorithms
Intuitive Programming
  • Familiar Niagara Framework wiresheet programming
Real-Time, On-Premise Analytic Control
  • Full analytics functionality on embedded controllers such as JACE® 8000s
  • Supports real-time energy optimization
Automated Control Strategies
  • Advanced alarming
  • Fault detection and diagnostics (FDD)
Powerful Visualization
  • HTML5-based
  • User-specific dashboards

Turn big data into a big opportunity

Niagara Analytics Resources

Niagara Analytics Overview

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Niagara Analytics Brochure
For a translated version visit the Library.

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Tridium Professional Services

Tridium Professional Services has deep experience using Niagara Analytics and we’re available to help make sure your projects deliver on your customer’s expectations.

A sample of Tridium Professional Services

  • Architect Niagara solutions for new adjacent markets 
  • Niagara UI development using state of the art tools and design principles 

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