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Powered by Niagara
Powered by Niagara

Power YOUR devices with Niagara

Solution developers can now build the full features and functionality of Niagara 4 into their own edge devices. Why start from scratch when designing secure internet connectivity, robust web serving capability, advanced integrated control, data logging, alarming, analytics and trending into your IP controller when you can port Niagara onto your device?

Gain the advantage

Gain the advantage of the building automation industry's standard platform for integration and control. Niagara doesn’t only belong on a JACE® and an Edge 10 controller. There is growing family of devices leveraging the Niagara Framework®, each bringing unique benefits. Join that family now!

Get to market faster

Our Niagara Portability Software Development Kit allows you to deploy the Niagara framework onto your hardware with Tridium’s support, saving you the effort of recreating the features and functionality recognised by controls professionals the world over and giving you the confidence that comes with its powerful cyber security.

Our 'Powered by Niagara' partners get all the benefits of the Niagara Framework right down to utilizing Tridium’s licensing server to manage the software incidences. For equipment controllers, Niagara’s convenient edge tools make it easy to upgrade installed application templates and provide greater flexibility when defining and configuring peer device and/or station proxies upon installation of an application template.

Plus now ‘Powered by Niagara’ controllers can be made more flexible and suitable for a wider range of control situations including industrial PLC supervision with Niagara’s ACE (Asynchronous Control Engine) deterministic engine. The ACE enables users to make changes to logic and load the updated code without a complete shutdown.

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