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What's new in Niagara 4?

Shown below is the list of features released since the introduction of Niagara 4.  Some features in the list were included to ensure parity with Niagara AX, while others have enhanced the core framework’s functionality.

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Niagara 4.14 EA

Features and functionalities available for evaluation in Niagara 4.14:

  • New HTML5 Web Views
  • BACnet Protocol Revision 16 Update
  • Certificate Signing Service
  • Individual and Combined Signing Requester
  • Brick Schema Tag Dictionary
  • Multi-Tiered Security Dashboard
  • GAuth Enrollment Workflow
  • New SAML Authentication Type Configuration
  • Windows Authentication Mode for MS SQL
  • Unit Test Public APIs

Contact tridiumbetatest@tridium.com if you are interested in Tridium's EA program.

Niagara 4.13

Niagara 4.12

  • WebWiresheet 2.0
  • HTML5 Niagara Network Point Manager
  • HTML5 BQL Builder
  • Transform Pane
  • Expanded History Character Limitation
  • Internationalization Support
  • MQTT Azure Authenticator
  • HTTP Client Driver
  • MSTP Engine Optimization

Niagara 4.11

Niagara 4.10

Niagara 4.9

Niagara 4.8

Niagara 4.7

Niagara 4.6

Niagara 4.4

  • Single sign on (SAML 2.0) with external identity provider
  • New HTML5 views, scheduler, alarm console
  • Performance improvements
  • Server side caching-optimized HTML5 Hx profile
  • Updated internal workbench browser
  • Haystack dictionary 3.02
  • Last build with legacy Jace support
  • Niagara analytics 2.1
  • Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 7.4 support

Niagara 4.3

  • Backup as a service
  • Analytics 2.0u2
  • Support for Input-Output remote modules
  • Abstract manager framework
  • Template Enhancements
  • Tag rule index
  • Implied tag rule index
  • Baja UX field editors
  • HxPx improvements
  • New browser preview button
  • Lightweight directory access control (LDAP) enhancements
  • Asset manager tool
  • Windows server 2016 support

Niagara 4.2

  • Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®
  • Analytics 2.0
  • Legacy drivers support
  • Java web start
  • HxPx rendering
  • GridTable view
  • N4 alarm portal
  • Hx view for trigger schedule

Niagara 4.1

  • Introduction of JACE® 8000
  • Windows 10 compatibility for Supervisor and Workbench
  • Capability to port Niagara 4 onto custom hardware
  • Help with legacy AX integrations to Niagara 4

Niagara 4.0

  • New UX framework (HTML5, CSS3, JSON)
  • Bajascript v2.0
  • Public application program interface
  • Historian database Application program interface (API)
  • Scalable vector graphics library
  • Niagara Entity Query Language (NEQL) was formed - Used for tagging and search
  • Hierarchies
  • Dashboards
  • New chart user interface
  • New property sheet templates
  • Module code signing
  • Role based access control
  • Station conversion tool
  • Software maintenance
  • Capacity-Based Licensing

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