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Defending against cyber threats

The Niagara Cybersecurity Advantage

The landscape of cyber threats in today’s connected world is ever-growing. Although organizations differ on how responsibilities are divided among partners on a smart building  project team and on how a building automation architecture should be set up, no one denies the importances of having a cyber-defense mindset at every level that data travels - from edge devices, to supervisory controls, to network, cloud connections and on-premise physical access points. As networking and cyber technologies advance and change, it is important that organizations complement the mission-essential skills of traditional Operational Technology (OT) experts in Facilities with those with cyber-focused Information Technology (IT) skills.  For data integration and interoperability, it is also critical to choose a cybersecurity-hardened core product that is flexible enough to meet your business and integration goals, while protecting your essential assets.  

Tridium’s Niagara Framework® is that product. Tridium has worked to bridge any gap between Facilities and IT when it comes designing a BAS or IoT network. It unlocks data from silos and maximizes the value of data-driven operations, particularly when the project scope encompasses new technology, advanced networking capabilities, and legacy equipment. Because cybersecurity is as much about people and processes as technology, Tridium provides a wealth of guidance to Niagara systems integrators, business partners, and facility managers for deploying and managing control systems with a cybersecurity mindset. Niagara is built with a defense-in-depth approach, utilizing enterprise IT best practices, and adhering to industry cybersecurity standards, and we designed it to make cybersecurity more straightforward to configure for IT and OT practitioners. Finally, we provide tools to provide exceptional cybersecurity visibility to facility managers and building owners, and we continue to update the product to make security stronger and to provide more capabilities to keep your critical assets safe.  

Take the Open Approach

Niagara open solutions preserve existing investments and take advantage of new tech and products without abandoning current installs.

Cybersecurity Approach & Best Practices

Find articles, white papers, guides, and videos about protecting your systems and networks. 

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