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Operate facilities that improve health outcomes

Why Healthcare Project Teams are Migrating to Niagara

Tech innovators are focusing intensely on ways to improve health outcomes, including improving the role healthcare environments play in achieving wellness while keeping costs in check. New specialized hospital and out-patient building subsystems are coming to market and attracting interest among healthcare facilities teams. But, branded BAS, fire safety, and physical-access systems distributed and installed through a protected sales channel strategy are typically isolated from each other and sealed off from such third-party innovations. Too often, for even the most basic changes, project teams are presented with rip-and-replace proposals. Any design that calls for the integration of non-building equipment is met with the need for factory-customized software or hardware modules, further extending the lock-in that the equipment makers started with their proprietary software protocols. Niagara Framework and its open-protocol, open distribution model is the key to escaping these chains. 

Open, Flexible Architecture

Niagara open solutions preserve existing investments and can integrate new military-specific tech and products via standard connectivity options.

Cyber Defense

Enterprise-grade cyber security is built into Niagara at every level of the solution stack, as is required for healthcare IT/OT.

Unleash Market Forces

Your projects will attract multiple bids from qualified Niagara integrator/developer partners.

Tridium Document Library
Tridium Document Library

Tridium Document Library

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