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Future proof your design

Why Engineers Specify Niagara

The mark of an integrated design  team was once just bringing architects, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, general contractors and property owner/occupiers together at the earliest phases of design. But, today no project team is complete without including one or more members that have expertise and passion for operational data and controls. 

Specifying engineers that can leverage Niagara Framework are better equipped to meet critical design objectives with an eye to delivering building owners and eventually occupant end-customers the highest value over the long-term. You can connect and control nearly any device and manage millions of pieces of data from many machines with Niagara. Niagara delivers competitive advantage and value to specifying engineers along all these vectors:

  • Future-proof designs based upon Niagara's broad compatibility, building and breakdowning your building systems spec’s according to the latest strategy and technology.
  • Specifications that are open to competitive bidding from a broad spectrum of product/service vendors. equipment makers and software developers
  • Flexibility of the Niagara integration platform for integrating data from the ‘best of class’ in each category of vendor solution
  • Design to the highest levels of IT enterprise cybersecurity and meet the bar for the most demanding mission-critical customer environments.
  • Choose partners with appropriate skillsets and experience from the large Niagara Community.

Take the Open Approach

Niagara open solutions preserve existing investments and take advantage of new technology and products without abandoning current installs.

Be Data Driven

Integrate millions of data points for more insightful analytics and connected commissioning.

Connecting Security to Your Building Ecosystem

You can seamlessly integrate access control, identity, video surveillance, intrusion and visitor management systems with other building automation services such as lighting, HVAC and energy management all using powerful Niagara framework capabilities.

Professional Services
Professional Services

Tridium Professional Services

Tridium Professional Services has deep experience using Niagara and is available to help make sure your projects deliver on your customer’s expectations.

Tridium University

We provide intensive, world-class training and certification virtually. Training available at Tridium University will strengthen your competitive advantage in developing and marketing Niagara-based solutions.

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More Tools & Resources

Niagara Information and Conformance Statement

Division 25 Design Guide

Graphics Standards Guide

Niagara Facility Integration Matrix

Niagara MSI Generic Spec - Section 25
Download the editable doc file

Section 258000 IAS Fault Detection and Diagnostics
Download the editable doc file

Case Study - Integrating Access Control, HVAC, Lighting & Video Surveillance

Niagara Framework Architecture

Find more information on the TridiumTalk: Specifier Series on the events page

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