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Niagara Video Integration
Niagara Video Integration

Niagara Video Integration

Enhance Your Building's Security with Niagara Video

Bring video data into your Niagara workflow with Niagara’s HTML5 Video Integration. You can view video streams associated with alarms directly from the Niagara alarm console, and you can add video links to your system graphics to enhance building intelligence. Our video integration capabilities now make it easy to add VMD (Video Motion Detection) data to the logic you are designing for lighting, security and occupancy controls and to add video data to your space utilization studies.  Our drivers support both manual and automatic PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) controls and with Niagara Video HTML5 video streaming in combination with Niagara 4 graphical UI, users can access video streaming from their mobile devices.

In short, you can incorporate all the various data types from the video systems, access control systems and audio systems associated with your buildings’ physical security systems and other infrastructure to glean more insight and enhance your building performance analytics efforts.

Check out the video-specific Niagara data sheets linked to below or the full Niagara 4 drivers library which now includes Milestone XProtect® Professional, Professional+ and Corporate NVR and Axis® camera drivers.

Niagara Video Integration - Key Features

  • Integrated Alarm Console: View video associated with alarms directly from the Niagara Alarm console. View video that occurred at the time of the event, live video, and pre-alarm video. When seconds matter, it’s important to retrieve relevant information quickly.
  • Data Overlay: A video can be better than a graphic for putting live data into context.  Display live data as an overlay on your video such as temperatures and Indoor air quality. Make high-risk spaces safer with ‘impossible-to-misinterpret’ live video data.
  • Video Motion: Enhance security and safety by using video motion detection to turn on lights, notify security staff, and monitor a situation.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Video streams can be viewed on mobile devices via industry-standard browsers.

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Connecting Security to Your Building Ecosystem

With Niagara Enterprise Security, you can seamlessly integrate access control, identity, video surveillance, intrusion and visitor management systems with other building automation services such as lighting, HVAC and energy management - all using powerful Niagara 4 capabilities.

Niagara Video Resources

Niagara Video Drivers Data Sheet

Niagara Enterprise Security Features Overview

Watch the TridiumTalk on HTML5 Video Streaming

Tridium Professional Services

Tridium Professional Services has deep experience using Niagara Video Integration and we’re available to help make sure your projects deliver on your customer’s expectations.

A sample of Tridium Professional Services

  • Architect Niagara solutions for new adjacent markets
  • Partner with OEM’s to embed Niagara in their offerings

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