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Unify Facility Management Across Retail Stores

Niagara Makes IoT Operational Efficiencies Real for Retailers

Retailers today rely on a wide variety of intelligent systems and devices.  Not only are there specialized retail IT systems to manage personnel, supply chain, accounting, and other enterprise management applications, there are also OT - operational technologies - unique to retail.  Attracting and accommodating shoppers requires attention to HVAC, lighting (interior and exterior), refrigeration, food preparation and other equipment.  Then retailers have special concerns when it comes to physical access security, plumbing systems, and  energy metering.  The complexity of managing all these systems compounds when the goal is to manage across a network of retail outlets that are located across a city or even spread from coast to coast. A Niagara Framework-based facility management platform can provide  a unified view into store operations so that retailers can maximize operational efficiency and profitability.  Niagara Systems Integrators have deployed scalable, end-to-end Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions for a number of big-brand retail networks. Read more about our products and find some retail use cases below.

Take the Open Approach

Niagara open solutions preserve existing investments and take advantage of new technology and products without abandoning current installs.

Be Data Driven

Integrate millions of data points for more insightful analytics and connected commissioning.

Cyber Defense

Enterprise-grade cyber security is built into Niagara at every level of the solution stack, as is required for industrial IT/OT.

Tridium Document Library
Tridium Document Library

Tridium Document Library

Find additional resources in the Tridium Document Library. 

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