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Growth Partner Program

Program Overview

Our Growth Partner Program (GPP) is aimed at improving Authorized Niagara Reseller relationships and business performance with our direct resellers across all regions (Partners). In order to achieve that goal, we have structured our GPP by differentiating our Partners through roles, behaviors, motivators, tools and rewards. We believe everyone wins when resellers are rewarded for adding more value to the Tridium partner channel. The GPP is how we will measure the value our resellers add to the Niagara brand.

Prior to January 1, a differentiated scorecard will be provided based on sub-region and a Partner’s role. The sub-regions are derived from our global markets in the regions of Americas (AMER); Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA); and Asia Pacific (APAC). Partners are assigned OEM, Distributor, or System Integrator based on their role in the market.


Partners will be assigned a level - Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Authorized - based on how well the criteria has been met during the past performance year. The performance year of the GPP is measured from September through August. Partner type and level assignments are valid for one year and will be evaluated annually.

The scorecard will be used to provide an annual score, which will determine the multiplier, and eligible rewards, and Level for the following year.

The criteria will be evaluated annually for all sub-regions’ scorecards to ensure that they reflect our business needs and provide the best rewards.

Partner Levels

Partner Rewards

*Available for select partner types
**Partner promotion and partner council based upon availability

Growth Partner Program Brochure

View the brochure for more information on the program

Partner Types


A Reseller who rebrands Tridium products with its own Brand and builds its own additional solutions on top. A Tridium OEM partner sells through its own distribution channel (Distributors and System Integrators). Such a Reseller provides technical support with its own technical resources, holds stock of hardware and provides licensing.


A Reseller who buys either from OEM Reseller or Tridium/Vykon directly and sells further to System Integrators. Such a Reseller keeps hardware product stock bought from Tridium, and it provides training and technical support with its own technical resources.

System Integrator

A Reseller who buys Tridium and/or Vykon products directly from Tridium and/or from Distributors and OEMs. Solution Integrators build and sell part or complete final solutions for end users and manage installations on site.

Each partner type is based on a partner's position in the market.

Partner Scorecard

Niagara Premium Cloud Partner Program

The Premium Cloud Partner program is comprised of a simple and effective set of tools and support materials that will help enable you to build conversations with your own channel partners, end-users, consultants, and specifiers about Niagara Cloud Suite.

The Premium Cloud Partner Program is backed by a full stack of Tridium products that are free to use as part of an enrolled demo as well as a suite of sales and marketing materials that will let you promote Niagara Cloud Suite. Plus, as an integral part of the existing Global Partner Program ("GPP"), you will get rewarded for Niagara Cloud Suite activities through the GPP scorecard.

Any of our existing Platinum or Gold GPP Distributors and Systems Integrators are eligible to apply.

Find out more about the Growth Partner Program

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