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Tridium Professional Services

Strengthen your competitive advantage in developing Niagara-based solutions

Tridium Professional Services has a unique depth of knowledge in Niagara and is here to skillfully develop solutions based on your unique needs. You’ll gain a trusted advisor that can help accelerate your product and market development initiatives. You can speed your time-to-market while also  reducing risk through our custom software solutions. You’ll strengthen your competitive advantage in the development and marketing of new Niagara-based solutions. You’ll benefit from access to the developers behind Niagara, offering unparalleled insight into the Niagara Framework. Simply put, we exist to help you and your customers optimize the benefits of the Niagara Framework®.


Tridium Professional Services works as a trusted resource on your projects, helping you build  scalable, secure Niagara software solutions to  meet your specifications and accelerate timeto-market. Our expert services allow you to work faster, mitigate risk, turn around successful implementations and provide ongoing support for your customers. Tridium Professional Services offers the following custom software solutions:

  • END USER ENGINEERING: Develop a standard library per your specifications such as creating Niagara Applications, Templates, Data Modeling, Migration of Niagara Servers and more.
  • CUSTOM DEVICE DRIVERS: Custom drivers for device connectivity, control, data management, device management and more, per your specifications.
  • CUSTOM DATA VISUALIZATION (GRAPHIC USER INTERFACES): Custom engineer Dashboards, Appliances and complete web-based GUI to meet your unique specifications.
  • CUSTOM SOFTWARE IMAGES: Create a custom JACE image including custom software, data visualization as well as specific settings requirements, installed in custom products from the factory.
  • POST-WARRANTY SOFTWARE SUPPORT: Offers Maintenance of Compatibility (MOC) to ensure your custom software solutions stay compatible with the latest Niagara releases and Released Software Support (RSS) for support and issue resolution in the field.


Tridium Professional Services works continuously to identify, plan and develop non-core Niagara products such as Niagara 4 E-Signature Application, Niagara 4 VEN Driver for OpenADR 2.0, and Niagara 4 Cloud Gateway Connector to Google Cloud Plaform to enable you and your customers to stay competitive in changing industries.


Through Tridium Professional Services, we are  reaffirming our commitment to Building Automation Systems while inviting developers and systems integrators to expand into adjacent markets with us. Tridium Professional Services  brings Site Audit Services and Project Specific  Consulting Services to you, providing expert  Niagara advice on how to leverage untapped features in the Niagara Framework, elevating your knowledge and expertise while giving you a competitive advantage in your markets.


Tridium Professional Services provides support that goes beyond the box - enabling swift and easy adoption of the Niagara Framework. For more information on how your customers and your business can start benefiting from Tridium Professional Services, please contact us by calling 877.305.1745 or by emailing TridiumProServices@tridium.com.

Professional Services Resources

Tridium Professional Services Brochure
For a translated version visit the Library.

Niagara 4 VEN Driver for OpenADR 2.0

TridiumTalk: Niagara 4 VEN Driver for OpenADR 2.0

Niagara 4 Cloud Gateway Connector
to Google Cloud Platform

Niagara E-Signature Application Data Sheet

TridiumTalk: Niagara 4 E-Signature Application 

Watch the video to see how Niagara is being used in Manufacturing 

Professional Services Modules

Modules for Professional Services products can be found in the Niagara Central Software Downloads page

Professional Services Documentation

Additional documentation on Professional Services products can be found in the Niagara Resource Center

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