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Professional Services
Professional Services

Tridium Professional Services

Your team for Niagara knowledge and support

Tridium Professional Services has deep experience leveraging the unique strengths of Niagara to unlock disparate edge data. This opens infinite opportunities to architect IoT solutions that deliver operational efficiencies and tangible ROI’s for buildings and beyond.

A sample of Tridium Professional Services 

  • Architect Niagara solutions for new adjacent markets
  • Niagara UI development using state of the art tools and design principles
  • Niagara application development
  • Niagara driver development
  • Develop specifications for standardized/secure/scalable Niagara solutions at large distributed enterprises
  • Partner with OEM’s to embed Niagara in their offerings
  • Niagara consulting and support for in-house development teams

In addition to traditional building automation solutions Pro Services can help you leverage your Niagara knowledge and know-how to enter adjacent markets such as manufacturing and telecommunications for example.

For telecom services providers our solutions monitor 1,000’s remote unmanned fiber route sites to ensure reliability and network uptime.

For manufacturers we integrate factory floor data silos to create insights that eliminate production bottlenecks and improve quality.

The Niagara value proposition in adjacent markets is similar to the challenge in building automation. Any environment characterized by disconnected, disparate edge data presents an opportunity for Niagara deliver operational efficiencies and tangible ROI’s.

Watch the video to see how Niagara is being used today in Manufacturing 

Professional Services Resources

Niagara e-Signature Application Data Sheet

TridiumTalk: Niagara 4 E-Signature Application 

IIoT Case Study

Niagara-based IIoT solution (Tridium, Dell and Intel) Brochure

Niagara-based IIoT solution (Tridium, Dell and Intel) Data Sheet

Tridium University

We provide intensive, world-class training and certification for developers and integrators virtually. By training at Tridium University, you’ll strengthen your competitive advantage in developing and marketing Niagara-based solutions.

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