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Systems-level thinking starts with open integration

Systems Integrators Who Know Value, Value Niagara

If you are one of that breed of controls expert ready to pull your chair up to the table where property owners, architects, systems engineers, finance leaders, and IT managers are making their first decisions about a project, you are ready for Niagara.

There has always been mechanical, electrical, lighting, data/telecom controls contractors that can be called upon at some point to integrate equipment within their specialty. But, the new high-value role that project teams need from the get-go is the Master Systems Integrator (MSI).

MSIs are responsible for providing a common data view for all the systems within a building, campus or enterprise and Niagara Framework is their platform of choice. It is where MSIs design and deploy the strategy for how data is integrated, aggregated, used for control, fed to analytics and otherwise transformed into valuable insight for improving performance.

Pull in Wireless Networks

There is no trade-off between the cost and convenience of wireless connectivity and simple integration to the Niagara Framework Workbench environment. You can have both for your lighting, occupancy, access, energy meter and other sensor networks.

A Driver for Every Need

Niagara Framework® is the open platform that solution developers from all over the world and from every space in the smart building ecosystem target for their latest developments.

Integrate Video

Streaming video can be a rich source of insight about how a building is being used. Easily bring video data from popular IPVM systems into your Niagara workflow via our compatible drivers. Apply powerful ML/AI-aided analytics from third-parties.

By Connectivity Need-HVAC
By Connectivity Need-HVAC

Unlock Proprietary Data

Niagara is a unifying force that opens up the data stores held behind every major equipment brand and allows data flow from cloud apps to the edge. 

Niagara 4: The leading smart building & IoT platform

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