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Leverage Video Motion Detection in Your Controls Programs

Niagara 4 offers robust HTML5 video integration capabiliities.  You can bring video data into your Niagara workflow  directly from the Niagara alarm console to view video streams associated with alarms, and you can add video links to your system graphics to enhance building intelligence. Our video integration capabilities now make it easy to add VMD (Video Motion Detection) data to the logic you are designing for lighting, security and occupancy controls and to add video data to your space utilization studies.  Our drivers support both manual and automatic PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) controls. With Niagara Video HTML5 video streaming in combination with Niagara 4 graphical UI, users can access video streaming from their mobile devices.

Take the Open Approach

Niagara open solutions preserve existing investments and take advantage of new technology and products without abandoning current installs.

Niagara Video Integration

Bring video data into your Niagara workflow with Niagara’s HTML5 Video Integration. 

Connecting Security to Your Building Ecosystem

With Niagara Enterprise Security, you can seamlessly integrate access control, identity, video surveillance, intrusion and visitor management systems with other building automation services such as lighting, HVAC and energy management - all using powerful Niagara 4 capabilities.

Niagara-Compatible Drivers

Niagara Framework® offers an open platform that developers all over the world are utilizing to create solutions to current challenges inside buildings and beyond. In many cases, the right driver for your integration work is available off-the-shelf from one of our development partners.

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