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TridiumTalk: Debugging Niagara
TridiumTalk: Debugging Niagara
Jun 17


DEVELOPER SERIES - Troubleshooting Niagara Applications

This TridiumTalk provides valuable tips and tricks on how to troubleshoot problems easily and effectively in your Niagara applications. We explore tools within Niagara as well as other development tools to make writing quality code faster and easier. This talk includes a deep-dive on the tools available within Niagara to help you ensure your applications work as designed.

Jun 17 - Jun 17, 2021
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Niagara has long been a developer focused Framework. Niagara 4 embraced the use of more standard tools for development including gradle and IntelliJ IDEA support. Using a combination of built in Niagara tools and off the shelf tools allows you to quickly diagnose potential issues in your code and develop fixes for them. 

Product Manager Michael Smith, Lead Software Engineer Blake Puhak, and Advanced Software Engineer Mike James provide an in-depth, technical dive on how to how to debug Niagara Framework code. We cover the use of Niagara and other common development tools to help you quickly and effectively diagnose problems in your Niagara code.

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