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Sep 23


Niagara 4.11 Feature Sneak Peak - BACnet Secure Connect

BACnet Secure Connect (BACnet/SC) support is coming to the Niagara Framework in 4.11! BACnet/SC is a new BACnet datalink that was specifically developed to address security concerns associated with traditional implementations of BACnet today.

Sep 23 - Sep 23, 2021
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Provide enhanced security for your BMS network and associated devices

  • Features encrypted communication
  • Full compatibility with all existing BACnet systems and devices through normal BACnet routing

Alleviate IT concerns related to BMS network management

  • BACnet/SC provides a sophisticated network security solution that uses standards widely accepted by the IT community
  • BACnet/SC works easily with firewall devices that are common in IT infrastructure
    • Based on TLS 1.3
    • Uses standard HTTPS ports and standard WebSocket protocols
    • No UDP
    • Fixed IP Addresses are no longer required

From BACnet International: BACnet Secure Connect (BACnet/SC) is an addendum to the BACnet protocol recently released by the ASHRAE BACnet Committee. It is a secure, encrypted datalink layer that is specifically designed to meet the requirements, policies and constraints of minimally managed to professionally managed IP infrastructures. The need for using standardized and often already present IP network infrastructures for BACnet communication is increasing, and this security is a critical piece in the networking of building technologies (Building Internet of Things – BIoT).

Sr Product Owner Chris Riccobono and Sr Software Engineer Eric Anderson will provide a general overview of BACnet/SC in Niagara 4.11 along with the following concepts:

  • Review IP network infrastructure leveraged by the protocol
  • Discuss System Architecture options made available in Niagara
  • Demonstrate certificate and driver configuration in a live demo

Through this demonstration, participants will be able to possess an understanding of how to configure and deploy a BACnet/SC network in a Niagara station. A Q&A session to follow.

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