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May 12


Niagara 4.12 Feature Preview - Logic Building Simplified with WebWiresheet 2.0

WebWiresheet 2.0 in Niagara 4.12 provides a modern and sleek update to the traditional Workbench Wiresheet application along with a load of exciting new features.


May 12 - May 12, 2022 / 11 AM ET
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This new WebWiresheet interface features a fresh look and feel that’s accessible using your browser and will dramatically streamline your overall logic programming workflow. Configuring station logic has never been easier since you can now use tags for linking and relating while using your favorite device!

WebWiresheet 2.0 will help you quickly get the job done right 

  • Enhances your programming workflow
    • Search Service Integration enables the use of tags for linking and relating
    • Intuitive Linking and Relating that remembers your last selection for speed and efficiency
    • Program on the move while using your preferred mobile device
    • Features drag-n-drop functionality on mobile devices such as an iPad or Android Tablet
    • Included as a default view on certain components for added flexibility and to ensure parity with Workbench
  • Simplifies and reduces the need for site truck rolls
    • No need for Workbench when reconfiguring wiresheet station logic
  • Improves user experience
    • Enables logic configuration via an enriched HTML5 Browser Interface
    • Have you ever wanted to use a Mac to configure Wiresheet logic? You can now! Simply use Safari to login to your station to get started. Our new Multi-Selection Mode will help you quickly create station logic using your preferred mobile device.

Direct of Product Stephen Holicky and Product Manager Chris Riccobono cover the ins and outs of the new Wiresheet 2.0. Through this demonstration, participants receive an end-to-end deep dive on how to use the new WebWiresheet along with the exciting new enhancements included in Niagara 4.12.

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