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Jun 23


Niagara 4.12 Feature Preview - HTTP Client Driver

The HTTP Client Driver in Niagara 4.12 can unlock the power of the internet for system integrations allowing you to drive decision-making with more powerful data and to utilize web-based tools such as graphics and BI.


Jun 23 - Jun 23, 2022 / 11 AM ET
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This new module allows Niagara stations to easily interact with HTTP web services and APIs so that data can be exchanged both in and out of the Niagara framework.

The new HTTP Client Driver can expand the possibilities of system solutions as far as you can imagine

  • Bring useful data into a building such as
    • Weather forecasts
    • Traffic and travel service updates
    • Air quality data
    • Parking availability
  • Export station data to an external cloud or service using REST APIs to access
    • AWS IoT
    • Azure IoT
    • Google GCP
  • Facilitate local or remote device control such as
    • Integrate with APIs on IoT devices or hubs
    • Call functions within cloud services

Join this TridiumTalk to learn more about this exciting Niagara 4.12 feature!

Senior Product Manager Jacqueline Walpole and Application Engineer Curtis McKerlie cover the ins and outs of the new HTTP Client Driver. Through this demonstration, participants receive an end-to-end deep dive on how to use the new HTTP Client Driver along with the exciting new enhancements included in Niagara 4.12.

Be sure to watch the TridiumTalk on how this Niagara 4.12 feature can save you valuable time and improve decision-making ability with more powerful data.