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Dec 15


Niagara for Integrating Access Control, Video Surveillance & More

This webinar discusses advanced integrations that include access control and video and how to get started using Niagara Enterprise Security.


Dec 15 - Dec 15, 2022 / 11 AM ET
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Looking to create an ‘office of the future’ experience using existing technology? Niagara Framework® users have a built-in solution for this in Niagara Enterprise Security — a complete access control and security solution that incorporates a video data management application.

This webinar features speakers from Buist Electric and Jackson Control who have deep experience using Niagara Enterprise Security to orchestrate HVAC, access control, lighting, audio-visual equipment and more to work together in scenarios that make occupants feel safer and more productive. There will be a description and demo of the advanced integrations at Buist Electric's own campus. You will also hear from Tridium's Product Manager for Niagara Enterprise Security about new and upcoming features. 

This webinar is designed to increase the System Integrator's understanding of:

  • How Niagara Enterprise Security allows advanced integrations and aggregates alarm and history data
  • How Niagara provides an Independent Data Layer (IDL) breaking down the data silos that have conventionally kept lighting control, access control, A/V control and other systems isolated, limiting their usefulness
  • How Niagara Video framework eases the challenge of managing video stream data including support for Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) cameras

Join speakers from Buist Electric and Jackson Control, in conversation with Tridium Product Manager Michael Smith, as we discuss advanced integrations that include access control and video and how to get started using Niagara Enterprise Security.
A Q&A session follows.

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