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Apr 13


Niagara 4.13 Feature Preview - Haystack 4

Haystack 4 represents the latest update to the Haystack Tag ontology. Tagging enables the analysis of large quantities of disparate data and provides essential insight into your building systems and equipment operations.


Apr 13 - Apr 13, 2023 / 11 AM ET
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Tagging also eliminates the inherent issues associated with bespoke point naming schemas. With the new Haystack 4 tag dictionary, most items come directly from the unaltered Project Haystack source files. This provides an improvement over Tridium’s Haystack 3 tag dictionary which required some post-processing of Project Haystack sources to supply information necessary to Niagara. 

The Haystack 4 Tag Dictionary being introduced in Niagara 4.13 primarily uses the defs.json and protos.json files produced by Project Haystack to generate the dictionary’s tags, tag groups, relations, and tag rules. As new versions of these files are released, deployed dictionaries should be updatable in-place and without a module update from Tridium. An additional, customizable configuration file supplies tag rules that unlock some tagging convenience features in Niagara Framework®. For stations already tagged in Haystack 3, a new migration action will add Haystack 4 items that are equivalent to the Haystack 3 versions.

Chris Riccobono, Sr. Product Manager, and Eric Anderson, Software Engineer, introduce the new Haystack 4 tag dictionary and explain how it gets populated from Project Haystack's publications. An overview and demonstration of the migration support from Haystack 3 to Haystack 4 are also provided. 

Be sure to watch this TridiumTalk on how this Niagara 4.13 feature can help you standardize data and unlock value with Haystack 4! A Q&A session follows.

Read the article by Eric Anderson and Therese Sullivan in Haystack Connections Magazine on Niagara Haystack 4 Tag Dictionary (page 16).

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