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Jul 13


Niagara Marketplace Content Spotlight

Niagara Marketplace is where sellers and buyers can go for Niagara-related enhancements and applications. This TridiumTalk showcases content from Diverse Controls and Baudrate.


Jul 13 - Jul 13, 2023 / 11 AM ET

Niagara Marketplace is the virtual location where sellers and buyers can go for all Niagara-related enhancements and applications. Backed by a dedicated team of experts and built with the latest technology stack, customers and sellers can seamlessly connect to expand their capabilities – without all the complexity.

Niagara Marketplace Features

  • Connect with solution providers worldwide who optimize the Niagara Framework as the operating system of the IoT
  • Robust search functionality for finding Niagara-based IoT capabilities, solutions and products across a wide range of applications and industry verticals
  • Top level content materials posted by solution providers for zeroing in on the best fit
  • Reviews and ratings posted by thousands of Niagara Community members that can aid in the selection process
  • Purchase products and immediately download and license for accelerated utilization
  • and much more

This TridiumTalk will showcase content from Diverse Controls and Baudrate. 

Presenter: T.J. Swyers, CTO
Description: The Power of Efficiency: Learn how our intuitive interface, enhanced process, and simplified navigation will streamline your workflow and save valuable time and energy. Scout is a fully functional Niagara search tool used to easily find and modify BACnet points on a network. Scout can set, override, and release override; access property sheet or views; search by point name, point display name, or tag; and multi-edit (mass set, mass override and/or mass release).


Presenter: Alex Kovac, Senior Developer
Description: Data Analytics and Visualisation library is a highly customizable collection of more than 40 graphical widgets. The library enables the seamless integration of historical and real-time data, with the ability to conduct BQL and NEQL queries, absolute and relativized. The inclusion of interactive controls empowers users to actively engage with the widgets, while the quick time range selection feature facilitates effortless exploration of historical data. Users can leverage trendlines to identify and analyze patterns in their data, providing valuable insights into long-term trends. The library also offers forecasting functionality, enabling users to make predictions and projections based on historical and real-time data. For the first time we will show a brand new (and the most impressive) feature called Copilot.




Bob Neubaum, Niagara Marketplace Product Manager, will provide highlights of the Niagara Marketplace followed by an overview and demo of a product by Diverse Controls and Baudrate.   

Be sure to register today to attend the TridiumTalk on how Niagara Marketplace can showcase your products. A Q&A sessions follows.

Visit our events page to watch recordings of past TridiumTalks and visit the Niagara Marketplace page on Tridium.com for more information. 

Be discovered on Niagara Marketplace

Currently open to all authorized resellers and developers of Niagara Framework products, and included with annual support renewals