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Mar 21


Containerized Niagara with View & Veea

This TridiumTalk provides an overview of Containerized Niagara and how it can simplify the deployment of Niagara in cloud-based environments and for third-party hardware.


Mar 21 - Mar 21, 2024 / 11 AM ET

With the release of Niagara Framework® 4.13, Niagara is available as a Docker® container that packages together the Niagara core, the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) and any additional modules required at runtime. This containerized delivery mechanism has advantages during development, at first provisioning for a given customer, and for each version upgrade thereafter when compared to standard deployment and integration processes.

A container bundles the code defining a specific software application with its related configuration files, libraries and dependencies such that the package is fully functional no matter the cloud or non-cloud computing environment, enhancing agility, updatability and security over the product life cycle. Containers are less resource intensive and more portable than Virtual Machines and can ease development, deployment and upgrades.

This TridiumTalk provides an overview of Containerized Niagara and how it can simplify the deployment of Niagara in cloud-based environments and for third-party hardware. Followed by demonstration on how View and Veea are currently using Containerized Niagara to connect edge devices. 

View’s Smart Building Cloud(™) is the industry’s first complete, modular, vertically integrated, and cloud-native platform to deliver on the promise of smart buildings. The Smart Building Cloud is powered by View's Secure Edge, an all-in-one cybersecurity, remote and cloud access, and edge compute platform-as-a-service for OT that is SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certified.

View Secure Edge enables full lifecycle management of OT applications from the cloud, allowing you to easily deploy smart building applications, including Niagara 4, that inherit all the cybersecurity and secure remote and cloud access features without having to install new hardware and certify new connections.

Through the partnership with Tridium, Niagara Framework can run within the container environment on View Secure Edge, making it cloud-managed and configurable - all within a fully managed service. For mission critical features the container can run across highly-available and redundant edge clusters for increased resiliency.

Veea™ is redefining and simplifying secure edge computing that improves application responsiveness, reduces bandwidth costs, and eliminates central cloud dependency. VeeaHub® Smart Computing Hubs™ integrate a full range of connectivity options, application processing power, and a full security stack to form an elastic edge computing platform with a dynamic connectivity and application mesh that can easily be deployed and centrally managed from the cloud.

Veea Edge Services run across this application mesh to deliver secure remote access, IoT/IIoT/AIoT, and a wide range of smart applications. These elements along with a range groundbreaking vertical-specific applications comprise the Veea Edge Platform, serving the needs of organizations across Smart Buildings, Smart Energy, Smart Cities, Smart Construction, Smart Farming, Smart Retail, and other industry verticals. 

Veea’s Edge Platform now offers Containerized Portable Niagara – this brings the Niagara Framework closer to end-point devices and solutions it connects to. The combination of the Niagara Framework, running at the edge on Veea’s Edge Platform, seamlessly bridges the OT/IT gap often found in the built space. Bridging this gap allows building managers, owners and property development organizations the ability to experience efficient deployments, faster speeds, more expansion options and less downtime – all while being able to manage and monitor your devices remotely.

Mike Smith, Product Manager, provides an overview of the features and benefits of Containerized Niagara followed by a demo from View and Veea. 

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